Kiseldalens’ tutorials

UML 2 - Brief Update
(½ - 1 day):
What’s in IT for the enterprise. News in brief, model testability and codegen, parameterization, configurability.

Agile objects: CEO-level UML in Specifying Software Requirements (1 - 2 day):
What’s in IT for the managers, process owners, domain experts, power users, reengineers. Specification specifics of a knowledge industry. The benefits of a standard in communication across roles. Configurability and customization on today’s marketplace. Several articles in Sweden. Book see Top page.

IT & Software as a Knowledge Industry
(½ - 1 day):
Knowledge management vs. Process thinking and measurement (T, C, Q). The "Knowledge company" as opposed to the "Factory line". Components and configurators. Guest lecture, Soft Center Ronneby.

Repeatedly updated
Agile UML in Analysis & Design
, basic plus advanced
(customized 1 - 2 days' seminars)
Deeper courses with exercises: 3-8 days (courses here in Sweden run in cooperation with Informator), all of them in UML-standard notation. 250+ courses taught so far, some of these in English. Several articles in Sweden, UK, USA.

Customization by Configure-to-Order
(½ - 1½ day):
Mass customization strategy, technology and techniques for complex products, services or software. Guest lecture, Soft Center Ronneby. Also, chair of an experience exchange group with the Swedish Computer Society & SICS. Suitable even for organizations such as industry associations, especially in countries with many export-dependent enterprises. Book see Top page.

Knowledge Technology & Know-how Management Strategy (½ - 1 day):
The interdependence of Know-how - IT - business, in knowledge intensive activities; configurable components and configurators. My former experience exchange group and report, Swedish Computer Society; also a congress paper: Developing a Know-how Strategy, WCES2 Portugal 94 (referenced a couple of times). Speaker at several seminars (both independent and vendor). Articles in Sweden, Norway, Czech.

- along with this also guidance & consultancy.
Seminars are an efficient knowledge channel while learning more about each other, too; the above can be followed up by consulting. Available anywhere in Europe - locations of customer choice. In English, Swedish, Czech, or in slow German.

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