Recent seminars:
- Seminars at Informator, Stockholm, Gothenburg. OOA & UML (2006-2009), Use Case 2.0 (2013).
- Seminars, UML in SW Requirements, IHM Business School, Stockholm and Gothenburg (2004)
- Seminars, UML in SW Requirements & the MDA, Swedish Computer Society (2005, 2006)
Feedback from Logical Lab Hultsfred (e-biz apps for the music industry, 'As to seminars, I seldom have big expectations. Due to my great interest in UML however, this time I had - and they've been fulfilled. I simply did expect the insight and overview Milan gave us. I find this kind of activity inspiring as it maps directly onto our everyday work in practice - Milan's seminars were a clear-cut example of it. I recommend follow-up activities such as a workshop etc.'
- Configure-to-Order in Mass Customization of complex products, vendor seminar (2003) Keynote/chair
- Object Management Group, OMGday, Stockholm Sheraton (2003). UML, Specifying IT

Selected articles (Google Translate can get the Swedish ones roughly 90% right):
UML parameterization, for Configuration Agility and Q2O/C2O (in two parts)
- 1: CQRS och Användningsfall (guest blog at Informator Sweden)
- 2: Användningsfall under CQRS, Parametrisering (guest blog at Informator Sweden)
Modularization, upgrades, part swaps, PLC/TCO: Vad är det för fel på att laga? (Ny Teknik, Sweden)
Getting things done with agile modeling: Five architectural tips (in SearchSoftwareQuality, USA)
Specifying IT: Key UML techniques in requirements (in SearchSoftwareQuality, USA)
Jacobson's use cases state of the art. What's next? (in SearchSoftwareQuality, USA)
Automation vs. outsourcing in manufacturing and IT (in Dagens Industri, Sweden)
What Code Generators Should Do (in IDG’s Computerworld, USA)
UML 2, MDA, Automation (in 101’s Development Trends, USA )
Precise SW-requirements (in IDG’s Computer Sweden)
SW-requirement analysis with Use Cases (in IDG’s Computer Sweden)
Component Based ERP (in Dagens Industri, Sweden)
UML in Software Requirements (in Dagens Industri, Sweden)
Light, Heavy and Component-driven Processes (in Application Development Advisor, UK)

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