Background of Milan Kratochvíl

Summary: advisor, analyst/BA, trainer in modeling, analysis, components, UML, SysML, OOA, MDA, use cases, requirements, knowledge technologies, mass customization.

Having grown up in Prague, I settled in Stockholm and acquired Swedish citizenship in 79. I speak Swedish, Czech, English, some German (and another 4 passively). University Degrees in:

- Business & Administration (Prague University of Economics)
- Business, Administration & Data Processing (Stockholm University).

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IT-consultant since 1977:

Programator AB (CAP) 77-79, programmer, program designer
Statskonsult AB (Sema) 79-82, system analyst/methodologist
Michael A. Jackson Scandinavia 82-89, methodologist, system analyst, instructor/guidance
independent 89- advisor, instructor/guidance, analyst.

From excellent teachers Mats Lundeberg (BPM, corporate change, IM), Anders G. Nilsson (BPM, ERP), and Goran Goldkuhl (corporate communication, KM), I graduated and went to work with people who were fine-tuning new architectures and methods of systems development and modeling, in large consulting firms; I became the third one hired for consulting here when Michael A. Jackson, the modeling forerunner, founded Jackson Scandinavia in 1982. I stayed until 89. My own company is focusing on SE & BE (software/business engineering), mainly in knowledge-intensive enterprises. I wrote and started teaching my “Manager's Overview” in 1990 on object and knowledge tech. Atop of consulting and guidance, I’ve also taught 300 public and on-site courses in modeling, analysis, UML, and architectures (several of these in English); course attendees' feedback on clarity, structure, and ease of understanding, is beneficial to all my roles.

Ever since 77, my customers have been finance, the public sector, global tech firms, software houses, management & IT consultancies, and training-providers for IT professionals.

Papers at NordData (90), at 1st (91) and 2nd (94) World Congress on Expert Systems ("Developing a Know-how Strategy" has been referenced a couple of times). Lectures in Electrum/Kista (90) and in Ronneby Soft Center (98, 99). Books at Cambridge University Press, and Springer, see Homepage.

Certified UML 2 Professional, Advanced, which means all 3 levels of cert.
Sept. 2003 = the first person in Sweden (among the first in Europe).


- Advisory
- Instruction & training
- Feasibility studies/reports, tool briefings
- Use Case analysis and Business Modeling
- Catalyst of Mass customization, Componentization, KM/Knowledge-tech, in high-tech & SW business.

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